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2019-20 Gold Membership Subscription


Catholics@Work is a ministry of the Oakland Diocese. September 2019 started our nineteenth year of bringing local, national and global inspirational Catholic speakers to Danville, San Ramon, Dublin and Walnut Creek.

Our speakers have elevated Catholics@Work to be the premier Catholic Speaker Forum in the United States. But our success is really due to our members.

We typically break even or lose a little money on the breakfast fees. It is the membership fees that allow us to bring great speakers to our breakfasts. Without these fees we would not be able to exist.

Please take this opportunity to support Catholics@Work by becoming a member or renewing your membership. The membership year is from September to May. The Gold Membership fee is $125 which is fully deductible on your income taxes as a charitable deduction

Your annual membership contribution allows us to continue to provide engaging and dynamic speakers who deliver insight and knowledge, based on personal experience, on how to live Catholic Values at work. Speakers such as:


  • Rev. Gary Thomas, the priest that inspired the book and the movie The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist
  • Steve McEveety, producer of the "Passion of the Christ",
  • Patrick Coffin, Author and Host of the hit radio show "Catholic Answers Live
  • Doug Sherman, Founder, Immaculate Heart Radio,
  • Jed York, CEO of the San Francisco 49ers
  • And many others.


Membership Benefits:


  • Provides a networking experience for you with others with similar beliefs and values,
  • Enables Catholics@Work to secure outstanding Catholic Speakers 
  • Reduces your cost of the breakfast events.
  • Business Promotional Opportunities on our website for breakfast event sponsors
  • Opportunity to attend wine and cheese “meet & greets” with the speaker the night before the breakfast at the San Damiano Library

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