“We cannot wait for the storm to pass over - we must learn to dance in the rain.”
2019-2020 speaker series
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Rodney Pierre Antoine 

Director of the Lumen Christi Academies of the Oakland Diocese

Lumen Christi Academies

Ensuring an excellent Catholic Education is accessible to all families.


Plan to Attend Catholics@Work’s 2019-20 Opening Program On Tuesday, Sept. 10 in Danville at Crow Canyon Country Club  

The Lumen Christi Academies (LCA) are building on the proven Catholic tradition of forming the whole person for a meaningful and purpose-filled life. The Academies embrace student-centered, innovative instructional practices that effectively address the diverse needs of learners. LCA provides vital support for seven Catholic schools in the Diocese of Oakland, ensuring access for students from diverse backgrounds to gain a Catholic education in “a faith-based environment that reflects the diversity of our communities and ignites students to be the light of Christ in the world.” This is an inspiring core aspect of our faith that is so critical for the Church today.


LCA’s origin story will be told Tuesday, Sept. 10 to open the 2019 Catholics@Work speaker series. The program begins at 7 a.m. after the mass at 6:30 a.m. at Crow Canyon Country Club in Danville. Rodney Pierre-Antoine, LCA’s Executive Director, will outline their organizational culture and philosophy and the successes and challenges around sustainability of this faithful educational program. Rodney holds a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Notre Dame. He was a teacher and principal in the Diocese of Oakland for more than a decade before undertaking this important initiative from Bishop Barber.


Catholics at Work is a group of inspired lay Catholics in the Diocese of Oakland who gather to hear energized local, national and international Catholics, lay and clerical, discuss successful faith-based programs and activities. 


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Event Details





Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Crow Canyon Country Club; 711 Silver Lake Drive, Danville (get directions)

The program begins at 7:00 am sharp and ends at 8:15 am.  

Mass is celebrated at 6:30 am for those able to attend.

Breakfast is $25 for members, $35 for non-members.