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Young girls forced into sordid sex trade have no safe place to escape

Hear about a solution Feb. 13

Northern California is one of the nation’s busiest areas for sex trafficking of young girls. Yet the region has no safe places for young girls seeking to escape the brutal sex trade.

But that void will end soon with the opening of Claire’s House, thanks to Catholic Charities.

Chuck Fernandez, who heads the Oakland Diocese Catholic Charities, will tell about the Claire’s House project to help mitigate the sex trafficking impacts as the Catholics@Work speaker on Tuesday, Feb.13.

Thanks to Catholic Charities, Claire’s House will open this spring in the East Bay. It will be the first--and only--place in the region where girls will be able to find housing, gain support and recover from the awful trauma that has viciously damaged their young lives. The shelter will provide safe refuge from the traffickers.

Sex trafficking of young girls is a huge but nearly invisible problem today. About 100,000 a year are sex-trafficked in the U.S. and the Bay Area is among the biggest trafficking areas.

But today when girls are freed from traffickers in the Bay Area there is no safe place in the the region where they can go. Claire’s House will provide the traumatized victims a desperately needed safe haven to recover and restabilize their lives.

Fernandez became the CEO of Oakland Catholic Charities in 2014. With extensive background in compassionate social work, he directs the diocese efforts in housing, poverty and refugee needs, serving 26,000 people a year. This project has become one of his most compelling projects.

The Tuesday, February 13 Catholics at Work program takes place at Crow Canyon Country Club, beginning at 7 a.m., preceded by Mass at 6:30. It ends at 8:15. All are welcome to attend; please click on the Register button to the left to make reservations.

All are welcome.

Catholics@Work programs, on the second Tuesday, are open to all. Click on the Calendar of Events on the left to see upcoming and past speakers.

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Catholics@Work is an authorized ministry of the Oakland Diocese. Its sole purpose is to arrange speakers who share their experiences in ministries that reflect Catholic values.

While name and program timing are geared to the schedules of working persons, many participants are retired or otherwise not in full time jobs--but attend the early morning event because of the quality of the speakers it brings to the diocese.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Crow Canyon Country Club in Danville (get directions)

The event begins at 7:00 am and ends sharply at 8:15 am.  

Mass is celebrated at 6:30 am for those able to attend.

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