“We cannot wait for the storm to pass over - we must learn to dance in the rain.”

Natasha Howes

Fatima, 100 Year Old Solution to World Troubles

Producer of "Fatima" the Movie

Sharing the Miraculous Apparition's Relevance Today The Incredible Power of a Faith Community

The world -- wrenched by war; radical philosophers shouting 'God is dead!' promoting merciless ideologies seeking to crush people’s faith; toxic waste ruining the environment. The year? -- not  2016 but 1917!

On May 13, 1917 the Blessed Mother  made an amazing miraculous appearance to three illiterate shepherd children in Aljustrel, Portugal. To emphasize her message she re-appeared to them again on the 13th of each month thru October. 


Next year the amazing story of Our Lady of Fatima will come to the big screen, the one hundred year anniversary of the Blessed Mother’s appearances to the children.

Natasha Howes, producer of the Fatima Project will be the guest speaker at the Catholics@Work breakfast on Tuesday, Nov. 8. Howes will share little-known insights into the story of Fatima, and take us on the remarkable journey that resulted in the drama depicting the struggles of Fatima's three shepherd children.

Howes will also share her own faith journey -- falling away, spiritual reawakening, and her conviction that “Our Blessed Mother hand walked me back to Catholicism.”

The film recounts God's powerful proclamation that there is a heaven, the power of penance and conversion. Perhaps most compelling for each of us is the transformative power of prayer. In our tumultuous and savage times the film underscores the spiritual heroism of the three children who were attacked by the powerful, yet survived in faith to transform millions.  The movie will be a powerful experience fully relevant for today.

Diana Nagy, president of Catholics@Work, says "We will have a great experience, hearing the back story of a great movie, from the person instrumental in bringing the Fatima project to fruition.

Nagy adds “I think many of us do not fully understand Our Blessed Mother. As St. Bernardine of Siena explained: ‘You must know that when you ‘hail’ Mary, she immediately greets you!' If you greet her, she answers you right away and converses with you!’

“Put the Nov. 8 breakfast on your calendar today, and invite your friends and family to join you.”



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Date:                         Tuesday November 8, 2016

Location:                  Crow Canyon Country Club in Danville (get directions)

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